Editorial: The Red Cross Wants You

The Dillon County Chapter of the American Red Cross wants you.  Our local chapter is in dire need of volunteers who have some time to give back to their community and who can pass a background check.
When it comes to volunteers, the volunteers are in control of what they want to do and how much they want to do.  Volunteers are needed for various duties from the office to the field.  Volunteers can choose how much they want to volunteer in terms of the number of hours and can refuse an assignment if it does not meet their schedule without question.  
Volunteers can simply volunteer in their county if they so choose.  They do not have to go to other counties or other places in the state or nation if they do not wish to, but the opportunity is available if that is something that a volunteer wishes to do.  Local volunteer James Leslie regularly volunteers nationally; however, for local volunteers to be able to take national assignments, volunteers are needed on the homefront to handle local disasters such as house fires, weather disasters, etc.
The Red Cross has been very visible the past few days aiding families during the floods.
 They have been out in the local community as part of the smoke detector installation program, which will help save lives during house fires.  You could be a part of their important mission.
To volunteer, visit www.redcross.org  and fill out the volunteer form.  Take the first step to be the difference in your community.  Volunteer!

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