My Little Friend

(Bug in bathroom written  August 31, 2015)
My bathroom is mostly white, tile, paint, mirror plus plenty of light so I can see fairly well if the size is right.  I have recently been joined by my ‘Little Friend’, a bug or insect, whichever who has taken up temporary residence there and to whom I am indebted.  
I admire his flight qualities especially, but his smallness does present a visual challenge
I address my friend as male but then I am only guessing.  He is of a size that, to me borders on being invisible, but I am able to see him as a dark moving spec.  He is larger than a gnat but much smaller than the typical household fly.  I have wondered just how he has managed to take up housekeeping in my bathroom since as far as I know, it is fairly well sealed from the elements but because of his size, there is undoubtedly an easy entrance.  But this doesn’t bother me; I am not going to swat him because he is simply doing his thing and, too, I find him fascinating.
I think of how intricate his body must be.  He can fly thus wings.  To survive, he obviously needs food and water and supporting systems to sustain life such as a heart and nervous functions plus who knows the infinite almost invisible network of what is needed to survive.  He has the whole package.
His maneuverability is awesome akin to the impossible flight of a humming bird.  His reaction time is sudden since if I point an object in his direction, he instantly escapes to another site.  He has the uncanny ability to cling to any surface even the mirror and at any angle.  
There is no telling what his navigational abilities are.  If man could unravel his ‘secrets’ how might we all benefit?
I wonder how he sees me, thousands of time his size and strange looking plus threatening at times when I aim an object in his direction. I only see him for a brief time but I wonder how he spends his day?  Does he have relatives nearby?  What is his lifespan?  Is he glad to see me in the mornings or does my appearance cause alarm?
All life is precious and each one is filled with mystery.  One wonders about its purpose in the Grand Scheme of things?  Most believe in divine creation so does that concept apply to my little friend?
Will bugs be in heaven?
Bill Lee
PO Box 128
Hamer, SC

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