Dillon’s Miller Leads Division in SCJGA

The Pee Dee Chapter of the South Carolina Junior Golf Association took on the Country Club of South Carolina in Florence, SC, on Thursday, June 25, in the Hootie & the Blowfish summer tour.

In the girls 7-9 division, Cayleigh Jane Goff shot a 55 and Hannah Palmer shot a 70, and in the 13-18, Shino Sonoda shot an 86, followed by Kiana Baker, 94, and Ashley Miller, 112.

In the girls 10-12, Dillon’s Brenna Miller led the division with a 59. Jennifer Rials shot a 66 for second place, and Emma Hunt finished third with a 68.

In the boys divisions, Thomas McDaniel led the 7-9 with a 55, followed by Chase Broach, 62; Ellis June, 69; and Thomas Welch, 72.

In the boys 10-12, Takeshi Sonoda led the field with a 39, followed by Tristen McKay with a 44. Jay Smith and Thomas Davis tied for third with a 45 each. Gene Zeigler finished fifth with a 46, followed by Cameron McLeod, 47; Pake June, 51; Landen Seiffert, 66; Kaiden Shaffer, 69; and Clay Cates, 71.

In the 13-14 division, Rylee Goff shot an 80 and Stone Godbold and Cameron Mills finished second at 82 each. Noah Mims took fourth with an 83, and James Potter finished with an 87.

Lake View’s Dylan Rogers finished sixth with an 89; William Phipps, 92; and Michael Hobbs earned a 97.

Dillon’s Ryan Stephens shot a 102 and William Reynolds shot a 103 for 10th place, followed by Brock Patterson, 104; Luke Parrott, 105; Dylan Berg, 107; John Matthews, 116; and Andy Calcutt, 124.

In the boys 15-18 division, Michael Rials led the field with a 75 and Dylan Dickerson took second with an 80. JB Muller and Christian Owns tied for third at 81, and Zachary Owens finished fifth with an 85. Max Holcombe shot an 86; Wilson Josey, 89; Justin Matthews, 101; and Austin Eaddy, 113.

After five tournaments, Dillon’s Brenna Miller leads the girls 10-12 division with 150 points. Cayleigh Jane Goff leads the girls 7-9 with 150 points, and Kiana Baker leads the 13-18 division with 120 points.

In the Boys 13-14, Lake View’s Dylan Rogers is sixth with 72 points after five events, and Dillon’s Ryan Stephens is 12th with 47 points after just three events. Rylee Goff leads the division with 139.5 points.

In the boys 7-9, Chase Broach leads with 140 points. Takeshi Sonoda leads the 10-12 with 102.5 points, and Max Holcombe leads the 15-18 with 114 points.
There are four tour dates scheduled for July, beginning with Pee Dee at Dusty Hills Country Club in Florence on Tuesday, July 14.

Registration is still open for the last four events of the summer tour. For more information, visit www.scjga.org, or contact Joe Woodbury at 843-373-2256.

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