Co-op Customers Warned Of New Scam

Marlboro Electric Cooperative has often warned members about bad guys calling co-op members, claiming they need to make an immediate payment with a money card or risk disconnection. (Don’t do it. Hang up and call the co-op. We’ll verify the status of your account.)
Unfortunately, there’s a new twist on fraud, notes John Powers, Information Systems & Public Relations Manager for Marlboro Electric—fraud by text.
“A member or customer may receive a text message to the effect of, ‘Your electric service account with Marlboro Electric Cooperative has been hacked. Text back ‘send now’ to reactivate your account,” Powers warns, “The mere act of texting back ‘send now’ may cause additional fees on your phone bill.” Powers advises members and customers to delete the text without replying. Instead, call the co-op, preferably on a different phone if you did reply to the fraudulent text. Our number is (843) 479-3855.

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