Marlboro Electric Builds Dillon County’s First Spec Building

To The Editor:
On behalf of Marlboro Electric and its Board of Trustees, we would like to thank the Dillon County Council for accepting and approving our proposal for a new spec building.
The County Council passed the thirdMarlboro Electric Builds Dillon County’s First Spec Building reading for the Spec Building project proposal, making it evident that Dillon County is ready to move forward with Marlboro Electric Cooperative.
Expanding the economic development realm of Dillon County has been a community ‘need’ for many years, and it is our intention to help successfully bring jobs and revenue to the area.
We are eager to proceed with this project full force, and contribute to the county’s economic growth and development in a positive way that benefits the citizens of Dillon County and its future.
Marlboro Electric plans to fulfill its obligations in the proposal with the complete package of overseeing the building of a quality Class A spec building project from beginning to end, professionally market the new spec building and the Class A Industrial Park, and commit funds to help pay for the overall project.  As a result, Dillon County will become a more progressive area for businesses and industries to call home.
Marlboro Electric is highly grateful and honored as we move forward with Dillon County to make a vision become a reality.
Again, we would like to thank you for approving our proposal and look forward to a promising future of economic development in Dillon County.
William L. ‘Bill’ Fleming
President & CEO
Marlboro Electric
Cooperative, Inc.

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