Glove And Trowel Garden Club Celebrates 60th Anniversary

The Glove and Trowel Garden Club celebrated its 60th anniversary on Sunday, June 2 from 3:30 until 5 in the afternoon in the Fellowship Hall at First Presbyterian Church in Dillon.


Guests were greeted at the door by Mrs. Fay Sloan, club president, and directed to the registration table where Mrs. Linda Dutton and Mrs. Marilyn Zunk aided them in registering and pinning on their name tags.
Once inside the fellowship hall, guest enjoyed punch, nuts, cheese straws and an assortment of cakes served by Mrs. Julia McLaurin, Mrs. Ditto Jenkins, Mrs. Julie Sawyer, Mrs. Jeanne McLaurin and Mrs. Kathryn Bumgardner.  
Club members past and present mingled and shared memories as they enjoyed a display of photo albums and yearbooks from 1953 to the present and a movie put together by Mrs. Julie LeChette showing highlights from club projects and social events.
In January 1953 the first meeting of the Glove and Trowel Garden Club was held.  
A group of six young Dillon matrons met and formed the nucleus of the club.  
Under the sponsorship and guidance of the Dillon Garden Club and with the expert help from members, Mrs. Brown Hamer, Sr., mother of Margaret Louise Floyd and Mrs. Marion McCallum, these six ladies formed the club and held the organizational meeting at the home of Mrs. John Hilton, mother of Sara Jean Rogers.  
Each one invited others to become members.  Officers elected were as follows:  President, Mrs. Laurens W. Floyd; Vice-President, Mrs. Billy G. Rogers; Secretary and Reporter, Mrs. Albert Taber; Treasurer, Mrs. Kenneth McCutcheon; Historian, Mrs. Edwin Strickland.
Special guest who attended the 60th celebration were: Mrs. Diana Haimerl, GCSC Coastal District Director and her husband; Mrs. Jon Bozard, Dillon Council of Garden Clubs President; Mrs. Mary Ricks, Dillon Council of Garden Clubs Secretary/Treasurer; Mrs. Cathy McDaniel, President of the Yellow Jessamine Garden Club; three charter members, Mrs. Mary Mac Stephens, Mrs. Carolyn Cottingham, Mrs. Mattie Strickland and the Glove and Trowel’s oldest active member, Mrs. Betty Sue Gibbons who has been a member since 1954.
President Sloan expressed her thanks to the celebration committee and all the club members that helped make the day such a success with special thanks to former member, Kathryn Thompson for the beautiful centerpiece of hydrangea.
The Glove and Trowel Garden Club is a member of the Dillon Council of Garden Clubs, the Coastal District of the Garden Club of South Carolina, the Garden Club of South Carolina, the South Atlantic Region and the National Garden Clubs, Inc.