Letter: I Am An American First, What About You All?

To The Editor:
Started out reading some of my out of town papers and most are about the Tea party holding American taxpayers for ransom. Another paper said Supreme Court Republican Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Scalia, Thomas (memorize these names) are letting corporate Supremists steal our democracy from us. The one branch of our national government that was intentionally designed by the founders to set the rule of law above politics has been turned into another political front group to advance corporate rule. In case after case, the five hard-core Republicans of the Roberts Court have been chopping furiously at the hard-earned legal rights of workers, consumers, voters, and others who dare to challenge the power of big business elites to reign over us, both politically and economically. Also read people are bummed about the debt deal.
1. Have any of these turkeys in Washington considered that our county is in major debt to China? What happens while they are carrying on like school children, if China demands that we start paying that debt back? Then we really will be in danger. These politicians are playing a very dangerous game- with the very real possibility of destroying the monetary system of the world. Me Vote? Never again- for anyone.
2. How can we, the American people, have been so stupid to elect such incompetent brainless morons and imbeciles to office? They are now holding our country hostage and playing with our well being and fiscal health from the crybaby in chief to the tea party hard liners. Not one of these idiots has a valid plan on what to do with the mess they created, but they all shoot off their big mouths. Get the hell out if you can’t do your job. I hate myself for wasting my vote.
3. The left is mad because the new debt deal cuts too much and the right screams that it doesn’t cut enough, yet both sides came together in great numbers to pass this bill. As the song goes “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.”
4. To voicer color blind who states that people hate the fact the president is black, please stop spewing such racist garbage. Seems that you probably voted for him for that reason only. He came in way over his head, made various promises to his voters, which he later realized he couldn’t keep and has since made some damaging changes in the direction of this country. I would disapprove of a white president just the same.
5. Average American, if you’re born in the USA, you’re supposed to be an American citizen, according to the Constitution and its amendments. An American first, then a democrat, republican, ind. And so on. Put it like this. I am 10% Rep., 40% Dem., but 100% American. I consider myself middle class and middle class at this time are leaning toward Dem. According to the polls.
Average American,
John T. Nickoless
Bennettsville, SC

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