Letters To The Editor

Voter ID

To The Editor:
Having just read the “S.C. Capital Report,” two questions came to mind. Don’t you find that the majority of people usually do the things they want to do or things they enjoy doing? Do you find that the same people do things they need to do or are required to do? Let me now say that Jackie Hayes has represented our county in an honorable way. He stands up for matters he believes in and votes according to those beliefs. I would like to take Jackie to task along with bill (4.3003) that would required voters to get a government issued photo to exercise their right to vote. Jackie voted NO because “I believe it would set up obstacles for people to vote, particularly those living in rural areas as that it may be hard to get transportation to get photo identification.” Many people living in town don’t have transportation to get to the polls. Jackie, those same “rural” people manage to vote ‘specially when a little money is pushed in their faces. Some of the same people manage to get to work where ID’s are required. Some of these people find ways to get to church although they have no transportation. A photo ID is required to drive a car or to get a new handicap card. The same people get to the Doctor’s offices, get to the grocery store, to the courthouse, to D.S.S., to Walmart, the ABC stores. Much of this is done without personal transportation.
It is now that they need to get an ID by next week. They have at least 2 to 4 years between elections. A photo ID would surely help solve the problem of a person voting for a friend or relative that died years ago. To have an ID would help to eliminate some of the controversy surrounding the dirty politics in Dillon County.
To vote NO on bill (H3003) only because of a so-called transportation problem simply doesn’t hold water.
Jackie, “U’s” a good guy but I think you should have voted a “BIG YES” on this one. “Coach,” you dropped the ball. Maybe it’s not too late to pick it up and run the opposite way with it.
Kathleen Cottingham
Dillon, SC


Dear Editor:
I’m writing in response to the letter that was in your newspaper written by Betty Cook. I understand that we need to think of our children, but we need to think of the family as a whole. When a single mother is dating, it would be better initially to have a babysitter, then if things became serious, allow the significant other to interact with the children. There are a lot of moms who want better for themselves and their children. If there’s a female you feel is not making a wise choice, then in love, talk with her and encourage her. There’s a wonderful book entitled “Woman Thou Art Loosed” by T.D. Jakes which teaches women to believe in themselves and to become the woman God want her to be. Some women live promiscuous lifestyles after going through abusive relationship and may need help. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their children. It is better for a child to be with their natural parents if at all possible. Children who are taken from their parents go through separation anxiety and they have problems with self worth. As a society, we need to help and encourage the family. Foster care is full of children now that are not getting the help they need. A child needs more than a roof over their head, they need a feeling of belonging. When a child is moved around, they experience behavioral problems. The mother, just like the child, needs encouragement and support. We need to be careful with any person we allow into our lives. I love my church, but I wouldn’t allow my child to attend a sleep over or go on a mission trip if I didn’t personally know the leaders. Pray for this lady, become a true friend to her. Ask God to help you see her as He does.
In Christ’s love,
Dorothy P. Martin
Dillon, SC

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