Local Man Shares Christmas Poems

Andrew Grissett of Latta is sharing the following Christmas poems with readers of The Dillon Herald this Christmas:

No Christmas Without Christ

By Andrew Grissett

I’m ready for the holidays!
I’m ready for the joy and cheer!
The love and all the
Christmas, Christmas is almost here!

Hopefully, it’ll snow
this day.
I can bundle in my jacket
To go and enjoy
the whiteness.
I love all the Christmas magic!

I know there’s talk about Santa.
I make sure I don’t forget Christ.
He is greater than
Santa Claus, the gifts, and the ice.

Christ’s birth is heralded
this day.
He’s the one who gives
We can enter into Heaven,
A reason for celebration!

The Gift
of Love

By Andrew Grissett

I’ll take a hundred dollars,
If it is given to me.
I’ll also take an iPhone also
To replace my Blackberry.

But even if I get these
My holidays aren’t whole.
Where is all the
love out there
And unity for my soul?

We have love that
lies within.
Spread it out so all can view.
We must shop internally
And appreciate each other too.

Material possessions,
This alone causes a fall.
To have a great holiday,
Love will have to be involved.

To you, make sure the
joy is held!
To all, happy holidays!
Pass out cheer to everyone
And hand out the love always!

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