County To Pay Chairman’s Attorney

By Betsy Finklea
Dillon County will be paying for Dillon County Council Chairman Macio Williamson’s attorney in Dillon County, a body politic and corporate by and through its members of County Council, Macio Williamson, Et. Al. vs. John Doe, a citizen of Dillon County.
The Herald filed a Freedom Of Information Act request for the information on November 8th. On December 7th, County Administrator David Mobley provided the information to The Herald. Among the items that Mobley provided to The Herald are a letter of engagement with Carl F. Muller and a copy of an invoice dated October 28th, 2010. In the letter of engagement,  Muller’s fee is listed as $250 per hour for all time spent on the case including travel. It says in addition that Muller is to be reimbursed for expenses, including but not limited to depositions, copying costs, filing fees and travel and that he will “endeavor to send statements on a monthly basis.” The agreement is signed by David Mobley.
The invoice states that the current amount due is $1,150.  It details the services he had provided which included conferences with various individuals, a review of the rule to show cause, and letter.
Mobley states in his letter to The Herald that no funds have been paid to date and that the expenses will be paid from the General Fund from the  County Council operating budget.

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