County Board Tells Lake View Board Not To Enter Into Any Contracts Until Financial Review

By Betsy Finklea
At the last meeting of the Dillon County Board of Education, the board voted to issue a letter to the Lake View School District (Dillon District One) board advising them not to enter into any contracts until a complete financial review of the district is done.
The letter was issued after a unanimous vote of the board with the exception of Nancy G. Finklea who abstained and Varion Mason who was absent.
Board Chairman Richard Schafer said the letter was necessary while they ascertain if the Lake View district can make it financially for another year.
One of the major problems that Schafer is concerned about is additional cuts in state funding.  Another concern is possible cuts in the stimulus funds.  Approximately $100,000 was cut with the change in the school funding formula.
Schafer said the possible alternatives for the Lake View school district are:
-administrative consolidation,
-a $200,000 additional budget cut,
-or a tax increase for the Lake View school district.
Schafer said they are not far enough along in the process to make any decisions, but he wants to make clear and emphasize that they are not planning to close any schools.
Schafer said at the middle to end of January they will assess where the district stands.

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