Latta School Board Meets

Editor’s Note: These are the unofficial minutes. They have not yet been approved by the board.

The Latta School Board of Trustees met for the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 9, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. in the District Administrative Conference Room.  Notices of the meeting were duly exercised and published per school board policy.
Trustees present were: Kyle Berry, Edward Bethea, Linda James, Betty Jo Johnson, and Kenneth Kitts.  Donald MacPherson and Eddie Watson were absent.
Chair Betty Jo Johnson welcomed all present and Dr. Kirby opened with prayer.
Martha Heyward introduced the first year teacher induction class and their facilitator Vicki Kirby to the Board.  Each teacher addressed their educational background and shared with the Board their enjoyment of teaching in the Latta District.  Induction class participants are as follows: Maria Blair, Sarah Calhoun, Kelly Clouse and Shannon Walker-Silvey.
There being no additions or corrections to the October 12, 2010 minutes, Chair Johnson ruled that they stand approved.
Dr. Kirby updated the Board on the progress of the agreement between the District and the Pee Dee Latta Trust.  When all details are finalized, Dr. Kirby and Chair Johnson will sign on behalf of the Board.
A slide show and video of visits to auditoriums made by Board members and staff was presented.
Upon Dr. Kirby’s recommendation, a motion to approve second reading of the addition to policy IJNDB-R (Technology Resources) was made by Edward Bethea and seconded by Kenneth Kitts.  Vote was unanimous.
Dr. Kirby updated the Board on the following:
– LECC Site
– Confederate Flag Issue- Federal Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia
– Property bought that is adjacent to the school facilities
– Latta Merchants Association members giving discounts to Latta School employees this Christmas shopping season.
A motion to nominate Betty Jo Johnson to the Board of Directors of the South Carolina School Boards Association for Region 4 was made by Edward Bethea and seconded by Kyle Berry.  Vote was unanimous.
Donna Taylor presented a status report on the General Fund budget.
Auditor Bob Harper from Harper, Poston & Moree, P.A. of Pawleys Island presented the audit report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2010.  He highlighted portions of the Executive Summary.  He also  gave an update on the revenue status from the county.
Esther Rogers presented as information the High School Assessment Program results.
Denise Gallant presented an update on special services.
Robert McIntyre presented as information the 45-Day Student Report and the student Race & National Origin Percentage report as of 11/8/2010.
Laura Rowell highlighted the improvements that have been made to the district website.
Larry Legette gave an update on the school facilities which included the baseball field and the HVAC air registers.
Representatives from the Latta High School JROTC presented a brief program to the Board.  On November 18, 2010, the battalion will undergo its’ region formal inspection which is held every 3 years.
There being no more business, a motion was made by Kyle Berry and seconded by Edward Bethea to adjourn the meeting.  Vote was unanimous.

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