Results For Local Offices (Final Unofficial Totals)

June 8, 2010
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These are the final unofficial results:
State House Dist. 55
Jackie Hayes-4,131-65.59%
Archie Scott-2,167-34.41%

*The State House Dist. 55 results are for Dillon County only.

Probate Judge (There will be a run-off in this race on June 22)
Teresa Campbell-1,941-30.44%
Penny German-1,637-25.67%
Shay Pittman-Jackson-327-5.13%
Betty Johnson-780-12.23%
Sheila Coates Kellahan-567-8.89%
Kyle Price-1,124-17.63%

Donnie Grimsley-3,408-54.95%
Levan Mitchell-2,794-45.05%

County Council District 5
Harold Moody-891-78.57%
Ethel Taylor-243-21.43%

County Council District 6
Roy Baxley-343-43.58%
Andrew “Deboy” Graves-444-56.42%

County Council District 7
Johnny W. Eller-253-19.33%
Joe Johnson-677-51.72%
James “Pee Wee” Webster-379-28.95%

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