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Dillon County Takes Up Several Items At July 25th Meeting

The Dillon County Council took up several items of business during called meetings.

County Council Chairman Shares More Information

Dillon County Council Chairman Archie Scott is sharing more information which supports his view of the distribution of the Local Option Sales Tax.

In 4-3 Vote, Dillon County Council Approves Third Reading Of Budget

The Dillon County Council in a 4-3 vote approved the third and final reading of the budget ordinance at a called meeting on Friday morning.

Dillon County School Board Chair Discusses What He Planned To Say To County Council At Public Hearing

Dillon County Board of Education Chairman Richard Schafer was one of those signed up to speak at the public hearing at the Dillon County Council meeting on Wednesday, June 28th; however, he was barely able to make any presentation.

Jacorie McCall Reveals Planned Presentation To Council

Jacorie McCall is one of the citizens who signed up for the public hearing at the Dillon County Council Office, but who was not allowed to complete his presentation.

Public Hearing Held On 2017-2018 County Council Budget

A public hearing on the 2017-2018 budget and discussion about the budget highlighted the Dillon County Council’s Wednesday, June 28th meeting.

County Council Passes Third Reading To Amend Ordinance Providing For Closing Or Demolition Of Dwellings Unfit For Human Habitation

The Dillon County Council recently passed the third reading to amend Ordinance #12-07 providing for the closing or demolition of dwellings unfit for human habitation.

Council On Aging Holds Annual Meeting

The Dillon County Council for the Aging held their annual meeting on May 16th. Executive Director Joni Spivey called the meeting to order welcoming everyone to the annual meeting.

VIDEO: Dillon County Council Called Meeting- Friday, June 30, 2017

Here is a video of today’s (Friday, June 30, 2017) called meeting of the Dillon County Council.

VIDEO: Dillon County Council Regular Meeting- June 28, 2017

This is a video from today’s meeting (June 28, 2017) of the Dillon County Council.