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Letter To The Editor: Riverside Cemetery

To The Editor:
On March 20, 1944 My Father, H.G. Hodges purchased Lot 752 from THE RIVERSIDE CEMETERY ASSOCIATION.

Editorial: Get On Board

Have you visited Niagara Falls lately? A trip to the Dillon County Recycling Center on a rainy day produces nearly the same effect.

Letter To The Editor: Public-Private Partnership Board

Dear Editor:
I read your report online on the election of the new board for the Public-Private Partnership. …

…And Beyond: Dogs-Part Two

0 Second Dog Story Dogs were the last thing on our minds as we left South Carolina in 1970 for California, a two year old on the back seat with chicken pox and a four year old pending. Four years later, medical residency behind us, lightning struck. My rich uncle, Sam, needed an internist in…

…And Beyond: Dog Days

So far, this summer is redefining and extending the term “dog days”–at least 10 days in June with temps over 90 and more than that already in July. What better excuse to break out of my blogger’s doldrums as long as the AC around my computer is working. Our shallow well water supply went on the blink two hours after we got home Friday from a happy week with the kids and grand kids.

Opinion: Make Our Visitors Feel Welcome And Appreciated

This week we have a South Carolina Dixie Youth Baseball Tournament taking place in Dillon.

Opinion: A Blueprint For Reforming Government

There’s a battle being fought in Columbia — a battle between those who want to reform state government to make it work better for the people, and a “Good Ol’ Boy” system that prefers things the way they are.

Letter To The Editor: A True Crime

The sight was a shock. How short sighted can we be? I had to write a letter to protest the mutilation of the two rare and priceless live oak trees on Jackson Street beside the hospital in Dillon.

Letter: What Do Six No’s Mean To You?

As a high school graduate of New York, we learned what NO meant. In the dictionary, it means: None, not one, a denial, a negative vote.

Editorial: You Decide

It’s disappointing that the Dillon County Democratic Party chair, Clarence “Sonny” McRae, didn’t think enough of your local newspaper than to hold them out of the first half of a protest hearing that could have a significant impact on the leadership of our county.