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James Joseph Casey

Mr. James Joseph Casey, formerly of Dillon, died Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at Capital Hospice Inpatient Center in Arlington, Virginia.

Harriet Burch Jones

Mrs. Harriet Burch Jones, 87, widow of William Paul “Bill” Jones, died Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at Marion Regional Hospital after an illness.

Area News Briefs

A round-up of local/area news briefs.

A Farewell With Joy

Generally speaking, most farewells are laced with sadness, a joylessness brought about by occasions such as moving away, changing jobs, retiring and most especially when the farewell is final, a funeral. This does not always have to be so.

Editorial: Voter ID

The Voter ID Bill that is currently under consideration will be a good thing if it is passed and instituted.

McCoy Chapel UMC Celebrates Ushers Anniversary

McCoy Chapel U. M. Church 9th Ushers’ Anniversary was held on Sunday, January 16, at 3:00 p.m.

College News

News about local students attending various colleges.

Operation Rolling Dillon Nets 31 Arrests

Operation Rolling Dillon has netted 31 arrests, according to Sheriff Major Hulon.

Lake View, Dillon Districts To Consolidate

The Dillon District Two Board of Education voted on Wednesday to consolidate the Lake View and Dillon School Districts.

Court-Appointed Investigator Is In Dillon County

The investigator appointed by Judge Paul Burch at County Councilman Macio Williamson’s court hearing to look into Dillon County is here and is at work.