Judge Rogers Honored For Service

James Francis “Tip” Rogers was honored recently for his 42 years of service as a judge.

Rogers was born February 9, 1947 to Jimmie and Trayce Rogers of Lake View. He is the youngest of three children.
He attended the Lake View Schools, graduated early, and entered the University of South Carolina.
After his freshman year, he joined the US Army and was stationed in Bangkok, Thailand.
While in Thailand, he volunteered to go to Vietnam and served in the ASO or Army Security as it is known. He was stationed in the Jungle Village of Phu Bai, southeast of Hue. They were the first communications outfit to pick up the news of the capture of The Pueblo by the North Koreans.
He wanted to take leave from Thailand to come home before going to Vietnam.
Well the Army let him come, but he was responsible for the return trip. His mother was outraged and wrote Strom Thurmond a letter saying she had never heard of anyone having to pay their way to war!
After his tour of duty, he returned to Lake View and graduated from Francis Marion University. He also worked with the Department of Social Services and the Department of Agriculture before becoming a judge.
Being a farm boy, he loved to grow things, and for many years, planted huge gardens and shared the produce. He was also a hunter, but his main hobbies today are fishing with his buddies, growing beautiful plants, and playing with his dog “Maggie Mae,” a very large Labradoodle that challenges him to walk three miles a day.
Recently, he restored a sixty- year-old farm tractor that had almost been destroyed by fire so you may see him puttering around the farm as well. Recently, the Dillon County Magistrate Office recognized and honored him for his 42 years of service, serving as a judge for both the municipal and magistrate courts.
He was presented a resolution from the House of Representatives, which is an honor. He also was presented with gifts from both offices upon his retirement.
If you asked any of the ladies at the office if they could say anything about Judge Rogers, these words would be said—he was one of the fairest and most knowledgeable. He was quick to find the correct answer if they ever had a question and was always willing to help when asked. He is truly missed.