Freedom Is Not Free

To The Editor:
Remembering. I just watched the program at the White House. They honored all branches of service. It started with WWI and WWII. There are not many of those guys left. From d-day until now so many have died.
Korea was next. They suffered so much and gave so much.
October 1968, I was also sent to war. We were just poor dirt farmers. I was sent to Vietnam as an eighteen-year-old boy. In that war we lost 58,479 young boys and many more who were hurt or wounded. When I see shows like this it brings back memories. It is hard to believe it has been over 50 years.
We never got a welcome home. We were to be ashamed of what we did over there. We were called “baby killers” and told not to wear our uniforms on the trip home. There were a lot of protesters who hated us just for doing our duty and fighting for our country. These young people now have everything given to them. They need to realize that many died and others suffered for their freedom and their pleasures.
In 1991, I joined the Air Force and went to Saudi Arabia to help out and do what I could again. In the U.S. we have anything we want. We want for nothing. We need to tell them that freedom is not free. So may paid the ultimate sacrifice. All gave some and some gave it all. Be thankful for what you have. Tell a soldier you see, “Thank you for your service for my country.” May God bless you all.
Roger B. Church
1504 Roosevelt St.
Dillon, S.C. 29536