McCants Sentenced To Eight Years On 2015 Crack Cocaine Charges

Travis McCants, 38, was sentenced by Circuit Judge Roger Henderson to eight years in prison for a 2015 crack cocaine charge. SLED and the Dillon County Sheriff’s Department worked the case that was set for trial this March before McCants chose to plead this week.
McCants was originally charged with and indicted for trafficking crack cocaine due to the amount of drugs sold. Since it was McCants’ third or subsequent drug conviction, he was originally facing 25-30 years in prison.
However, Assistant Solicitor Shipp Daniel allowed McCants to plead to a lesser charge that carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.
When announcing his sentence, Judge Henderson said Assistant Solicitor Daniel had been generous in offering a plea to the lesser charge but that McCants’ several prior drug convictions were the reason for the active prison time sentence of eight years.
McCants could be eligible for parole after serving approximately half of the eight years.

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