Scott Says He Never Asked County Administrator To Do Anything Illegal

By Betsy Finklea
The regular January meeting of the Dillon County Council briefly took an unusual turn when in the middle of the Dillon County administrator’s report, Councilman Archie Scott said he wanted to interject something.

County Administrator Tony Clyburn had just finished one item and was about to move on to another when Scott began talking.
“Let me bring something to your attention for a minute,” said Scott. “You may or may not know, and you may not be aware of it.”
“We have a lot of people from the community here and certainly I just want to interject this concerning this in,” said Scott. “You probably are not aware of this, but have heard it and just wanted to bring it out.”
“I want you to know from my perspective as a council member or anyone else serving on council, it has been said that I was trying to get you to do something illegal,” said Scott.
“I want you to know that I have not tried to get you to do anything illegal and that I don’t know of anyone else up here that has tried to get you to do something illegal, but I do confess that I have tried to get someone a job and if that is illegal then a lot of people is illegal for trying to help somebody get a job. Thank you, sir,” said Scott.
Clyburn then responded to Scott’s comments. “Let me just say this since you bring it up,” said Clyburn. “I am not here to take part in any political spectacle. That’s not what I am here for so I had no intentions on bringing up anything of that nature.” Clyburn continued, “You know, our citizens expect and deserve a certain level of dignity and responsibility from our elected and appointed officials. I am not going to fall short of that. I’m not going to let anybody drag me into something I’m not.”

“I’m here to serve the people here in Dillon County and the other discussions I am not going to take part in,” said Clyburn. “So if you want to discuss that, we’ll discuss that, but not right now, I’m here to do a job. I’m not here to play and that is what I intend to do.”
This was met by applause from the audience. Clyburn then continued his report.