Dillon Mayor Not Seeking Re-Election

Dillon Mayor J. Todd Davis announced that he will not seek re-election.
The next election is April 2nd.
Davis released the following statement:
Tuesday, I announced I would not be seeking a fifth term as Mayor of Dillon.
These last sixteen years being the face of the City of Dillon has been one of my life’s greatest honors. It was as tough a decision I’ve ever had in my life.
Before serving as Mayor I served three years as Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. Two of those years I was voted as Chairman and the first was serving an unexpired term due to the unexpected departure of that year’s current Chairman.
Quite simply I’m ready to watch the Christmas Parade come down Main Street instead of being in the parade for a change.
The Mayor’s job has become increasingly busier. I never backed away from facing the challenges head on with the Staff at the City. The administrative staff over there is simply phenomenal and they will carry on the outstanding services to the people of Dillon regardless who sits in the Mayor’s seat.
I will have further comments on my departure the closer it gets, but for now I still have three more months to serve.
We are going to do some things during these three months. I also will look with anticipation of who wants to file and be that new face as Mayor.
My door is open in helping with the transition and helping that person get up to speed. The City still has challenges and like any municipality it will always have challenges to address. I told Glen Wagner I still want to be used in whatever manner he sees fit.
This City responds to the people’s needs. The City Manager, the City Staff and the people it serves will not stand for anything less.
It’s my hope the new Mayor will came in with the set agenda of moving the City forward together while allowing those talented people who work here to continue serving our citizens.
It’s a great place to work and they simply won’t have it any other way.
J. Todd Davis- Mayor City of Dillon, SC