SCDOT Completes Eighth Avenue Study Requested By City

The City of Dillon made a request to SCDOT to consider the installation of 48-inch “Stop” signs at intersections along North 8th Avenue between Main Street and Jackson Street. A study has been completed. According to a letter the City of Dillon has received from W. Kyle Berry, District Engineering Administrator, “At this time, conditions do not indicate a need for the larger signs or advance warning signs. However, our study identified several other measures that should help improve and maintain driver awareness in the area. These items generally consist of installing reflective strips on the sign post, relocating selected signs to a more visible location, and remarking various pavement markings. It is also felt that these measures could be implemented more effectively than the larger sings because of the urban nature of the area. Local crews will perform these items as soon as the work can be scheduled.”

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