Lake View Town Council Minutes: May and June 2018

Lake View Town Council Meeting
May 17, 2018
Council Chambers
Date: Thursday,
May 17, 2018
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Lake View Council
Presiding: Mayor Matthew Elvington
Present: Council Members: David Johnson, David Kitchens, Mertis Barnett, and Tony Hayes
Also Present: Bradly George and Sara Elvington.
Mayor Elvington opened the meeting with prayer and welcomed Mr. George. The minutes from April 19th were reviewed. Councilman Kitchens made a motion to accept the minutes as presented and seconded by Councilman Johnson, with all in favor.
1. Mr. George reviewed the health and life insurance with Mayor and Council. They went into this matter extensively on the benefits for the town employees. Mr. George reminded council that there would need to remain at least two on the plan in order to keep the plan. The town has always paid for the Health Insurance and the Life insurance for the full time employees as an incentive, towards their benefit package. The Town Clerk has never joined to town insurance plan and with the Chief considering removing himself, this would only leave the Maintenance supervisor and 3 police officers. May and Council are deliberating on how much the town will continue to pay toward this benefit. Mr. George reminded council a decision would need to be made before June 30th as renewal is around the corner and he would be glad to come and talk with each employee on the insurance premium and amount of coverage. No further discussion on this matter, Mr. George excused himself.
2. Mayor and Council reviewed each line item of the previously budget year and decided it looks as though we may break even this year as to what we budgeted and the actual. All councilmen decided to add/delete any items they feel need discussing for the next meeting, as they will be better prepared to make recommendations for the upcoming FY19. All council members were given print outs of previous wages, benefits and the budget print out up to date on our Revenue and Expenditures. All these matters have been discussed previously among themselves at previous meetings.
Council Concerns
1. Councilman Kitchens discussed the road problems, sinking places, ditches (overgrown and blocked up). Councilman Kitchens had an overview picture of the town areas where there are areas he is mostly concerned with, during his walks through town. Copies were given to Mayor and Council.
2. Councilman Johnson told the Mayor he was doing a good job as well as the job on the ditch behind the apartment complex.
3. Councilman Hayes said no complaints, glad to see something happening on the ditches.
4. Councilwoman Barnett said she was very concerned as well as a lot of citizens and church members about the school traffic and the blocking of the drive way to the church, as well as ruining the drive way to the church. Barnett said she and others want to reach out to the School Board to see if anything can be done on this dangerous issue.
5. Mayor said he had been in touch with Mr. Otis with East Nile Farms and has hopes things will get worked out soon. Mayor is also hopeful about the ditch situation in town and has also received a lot concerns from citizens about the trash pick-up and yard debris.
6. Mayor and Council reviewed the Hospitality tax Ordinance Revision, updated by Lawyer Peterson.
7. American Legal are reviewing the Town Ordinances and awaiting the revisions by Mayor and Council.
8. Movie night for the Town of Lake View at the Community Center is set for June 15, 2018, set forth by the Planning Committee. Council all have high hopes this will turn out to be a great outgoing and fun for the whole family, as there are plans to continue this is an interest is shown.
9. The Mayor has talked with Mr. Spencer Jordan and his wife Venolia, who are owners of King’s Court, a charitable organization. Mr. and Mrs. Jordan hope to offer meals this summer for the children at least one time a week. Mayor and Council agree this will be a great assistance to the children who will not be receiving meals from the school during the summer months.
10. Mayor and Council members said they would set up another meeting to further discuss the budget at a later time. No further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Lake View Council Budget Workshop
June 12, 2018
Council Chambers
Date: Tuesday, June 12,
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Town Hall- Council
Presiding: Mayor Elvington
Present: Council Members: David Johnson, David Kitchens, and Mertis Barnett
Also Present: Sara Elvington, Clerk
Mayor Elvington opened with prayer
1. Mayor updated council on:
a. An ad had been placed for part-time maintenance in The Dillon Herald, only one person applied.
b. Police Officer Brett will graduate from the academy July 13, 2018, another officer has been lined up to go to the academy.
c. The old sign is being updated by the School, this will be welcomed improvement and informative for the local citizens.
d. Some of the ditches in town need cleaning out urgently. There is a matter of the Town Ordinances not being followed; building are in need of desperate repair, as well as vacant lots need to be cleaned up (grass cut).
2. Review of the Budget Workshop for FR 2019 by Mayor and Council.
3. Councilman Kitchens’ made a motion to pass the 1st reading of the budget and 2nd by Councilwoman Barnett, with all in favor.
4. No further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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