Senate Report: Fathers

By Senator Kent Williams
I still vividly remember all of the life lessons that my father taught me. Some were harder than others to learn, but everything he taught me has helped me be the man that I am today. My father taught me when I needed a leader; he has been my mentor but most importantly my best friend.
I would like to encourage all the fathers to strive to be a great father to their children. There is a genuine fundamental difference between a father, a good father and a great father. If you want to be a good lawyer, doctor, or pilot there are schools to learn those skills, however, there is no school or textbook that teaches you how to be a great father.
Remember that having kids does not make you a great father. Those that are great fathers know that it requires a long time commitment and experience. A lot of fathers fail to take responsibility by saying that they don’t take care of their children because of lack of money and a good job.
So, what makes someone a great father? I firmly believe that in order to be a great father you need: to be there for your children, communicate with them, spend time with them, provide them with love and affection, be a role model, teach them moral and spiritual values, be patient, be a good listener and most importantly always be honest.
Unfortunately, there are children who do not have a father figure. By that same token, there are young men that are not fathers yet. I encourage these young men to give a little of their time and become a mentor. By doing so, these children without fathers will gain a trusted friend, counselor, or guide. Mentoring brings youth together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement.
All children have the potential to succeed in life and contribute to society but not all children have the support they need to recognize their own strengths. If you are dedicated and ready to help change a young person’s life in a positive way, you can be the motivation and support they need by becoming a mentor!
Just remember that as much as my dad’s teachings and leading by example shaped me in to the man that I am today, the type of father you are will also shape your child’s life. Mentoring a child can also provide a child with the same example I found in my father.
As with all matters concerning state government, I want to hear your opinions and suggestions concerning these issues. Please contact me in my Columbia office located at 608 Gressette Office Building. You can reach me, or a member of my staff in Columbia at (803) 212-6000 or by fax at (803) 212-6011.
My district office is located at 2523 East Highway 76, Marion, SC 29571, the phone number is (843) 423-8237 and the fax number is (843) 431-6049.
You may also email me at [email protected]
As always, I also want to supply you with my business phone number so that you will able to reach me easily at any time. My business phone is (843) 423-3904.
Please use this information to write, call or email me with your suggestions and concerns regarding issues before the Senate and in our community.

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