Litter Trashes Everyone Message Brought To East Elementary Students

The Columbia Marionette Theatre and PalmettoPride presented “Litter Trashes Everyone” to four-year-old kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade students at East Elementary School on May 7, 2018. John Scollon, puppeteer, along with Louie the Lion explained to the students that the program is about taking care of our environment. Mr. Bob, the friendly neighborhood cook, served as the host of the show from his barbeque grill at a picnic shelter. Nasty Nancy learned a valuable lesson from Skateboard Dave, Tom, Kelly, the talking garbage cans and the trash monsters about not littering. The students also learned about how litter affects us all. The show ended with a recitation of the PalmettoPride Promise! “I promise not to litter. I will encourage my friends and family to toss their trash in containers. I promise to pick up at least one piece of litter every day. I will do my part to keep South Carolina litter free!” The program was enjoyed by everyone. Pictured are: Seated l to r: Kmauri Rhodes, Sophia Ridriguez, Shia Matthews, Evan Livingston, Nya Jones and Barkley the neighborhood dog. Standing front l to r: Jimmy Windham, Nathan Williams, Anayla Casey, Makinley Oliver, Taigen Hunt, Layla Clark and Karri Scollon – puppeteer. Back: John Scollon – puppeteer and executive director at CMT and King Louie. (Contributed Photo)

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