86-Year-Old Man Is Victim Of Home Invasion

On April 28, an 86-year-old man, who lives on Calm Street, Latta, was the victim of a home invasion, according to an incident report by Ptlmn. Patrick Simmons and Brianna Murphy.
The man told police that he heard someone shaking his door like they were trying to get in to his home. He asked who it was, and they did not answer.
He then opened his door to see who was knocking on the door, and three black males rushed into his residence. One man pushed him into the corner and held him at gunpoint while the other two men went through the home looking for items to steal.
They took three guns from a closet and the man’s wallet.
He did not recognize any of the men who invaded his home.
Chief Derrick Cartwright said anyone who has information on this case may call the police department or drop an anonymous tip in one of their crime boxes around town.

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