Dillon Rotary Holds Happy Feet For Elementary Students

The Dillon Rotary Club held its annual Happy Feet benefit to assist elementary age children in Dillon County Schools. Happy Feet is a program by which the Rotary Club collects monetary donations and uses the funds to purchase shoes for economically disadvantaged children.

Members of the Dillon Rotary Club collected funds from various businesses and community members throughout the area. A total of $7,889.00, which consisted of $2,600.00 in Rotary Grant money and $5,289.00 in donations and Dillon Rotary funds, was collected and used to purchase socks and shoes for Dillon County students.
On January 11th and January 25th, children were bused from their school to the Shoe Show store in Dillon.
From there, members of the Rotary Club and volunteers escorted the children through the store where they were able to choose a brand-new pair of shoes.
The Dillon Rotary Club was able to purchase over 260 pairs of new shoes for Dillon County children.
It was truly a privilege to help these children and to see the excitement on their faces when they received their new shoes!
The Rotary Club of Dillon would like to thank the Dillon High School Interact Club for helping to provide socks, the staff of the Shoe Show of Dillon, and all of those who sponsored Happy Feet by way of monetary contributions.

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