Business Owner Asks Council About Sidewalk Sales

By Betsy Finklea
A Main Street business owner talked with the Dillon City Council at their meeting on Monday night about the possibility of holding sidewalk sales.
Stephanie Mitchell of Gigi and Doc’s said that when she has items on the sidewalk, her business doubles in the store.
Mitchell has talked with other Main Street business owners who also have an interest in having a sidewalk sale. She suggested that the sales be once a quarter with one date for everyone to have a sale and a rain date. She said businesses could apply for a permit to participate, and if a fee is charged, she asked that the fee be a reasonable one. She said there could be limits such as one table and one rack. She said a table would go out about four and a half feet which leaves about three and a half feet of open sidewalk. She asked that council give this idea consideration.
Code Enforcement Officer Benny Genwright said that now nothing is allowed on the sidewalk.
Major Todd Davis said they should look at this and try to accommodate the business owners. He said his only concern was the handicapped in wheelchairs. He said if it did not block the sidewalk that he did not see an issue. City Manager Glen Wagner said he felt that it was something that they could absolutely do.
There was discussion about liability if someone trips and falls. Councilman John Braddy said this would fall primarily on the business owner, and they could require a copy of their certificate of liability insurance with their permit.
Wagner said if they could get a downtown association going they could help with this.

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