Dillon County Contracts With Berry Strategies LLC To Provide Economic Development Services

By Betsy Finklea
The Dillon County Council voted to contract with Berry Strategies LLC to provide economic development services to Dillon County.
Berry Strategies LCC is headed by Rodney Berry, who has extensive experience in economic development and strong connections to Dillon County.

“I’m extremely excited to return to Dillon,” Berry said. “I’ve always viewed economic development as the critical component in county government. It is the major revenue source for all counties, thus keeping taxes as low as possible. It is also the predominant way to increase demographics. Counties must grow in population in order to attract the desirable franchises that improve the quality of life,” he stated.
“I’ve always maintained that Dillon County, with all the attractive attributes; I-95 and now the Inland Port, is perhaps the most attractive destination for Industries to thrive. Our current and previous county councils are to be commended for those visions. These are the arrows in our quiver and are what we will deploy,” Berry said. “ Another effort will be to develop a culture. I hope to give opportunities where we can make those interested in progressing our county, avenues to learn more about the process,” Berry said.
“We need ambassadors! Reestablishing the public/private partnership will be key. Finally, I’m excited to work with administrator Tim Harper again. We worked with each other previously for four years and understand each other. I respect and believe in his leadership,” said Berry.
Berry will begin work on September 1, 2023.
Berry is a 1982 graduate of Dillon High School and a 1986 graduate of Presbyterian College. Berry is a former Dillon County Administrator, a former Economic Development Director for Tom Rice, the former Marion County Economic Developer, and the former Mayor of Marion.
Berry led the team in Marion in developing the Marion County slogan, “It’s Just Right,” and led the Dillon County Economic Development team in developing its slogan, “Alive On I-95.”
Berry, a former Marine, is the co-founder of the S.C. AgriBiz Expo, chaired the Marion County United Way, chaired the Marion County March of Dimes, and chaired the Tri-County Industrial Park Board.
Berry has owned and operated five different publications over the years.
“We look forward to having Rodney’s expertise, knowledge and contacts in Economic Development working with the County,” said Dillon County Administrator Tim Harper.
“Rodney will be taking on the responsibilities formerly held by Matthew Elvington. Matthew will now be the Deputy Administrator for the County over Finance and Special Projects,” said Harper.
“In addition, we would like to thank Matthew for the work he has done in Economic Development. During the transition in Administrator’s, he carried out the role of Administrator and Economic Development Director. His leadership has been so important during this time,” said Harper,
“There are several projects he has worked diligently on and we hope to announce shortly. He will be a great asset in his new role. I look forward to having the two of them on our team and this provides the County with great opportunities for growth,” Harper said.

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