New LED Lights Installed At City Rec Fields

The City of Dillon had new metal poles with LED lights installed with a price tag of $439,000.00 at the City of Dillon Recreational Fields off Highway 34 in Dillon.

These funds were possible with State Appropriation Funds of $350,000.00 designated by Rep. Jackie Hayes and ARP (American Rescue Plan) money for $89,000.00 designated by City Council.
The Mayor Pro-Tem and the City Council determined that it was time to upgrade the lighting at the four baseball/softball fields as the outdated lights and poles have been there since the late ‘90s.
The upgrade from the wood poles, with wind and woodpecker damage, with the old metal Halide fixtures have long been overdue.
The savings alone with the new LED lights will with help with the electrical expense plus save energy.
The City of Dillon next will repair the lights at the soccer field as high school soccer has returned plus other city sports are held there. Support all of the sporting events at the City of Dillon Recreational Fields.

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