Lake View Town Council Minutes: September 2022

Editor’s Note: This meeting took place prior to Dennis Townsend taking office on Dillon County Council.

September 15, 2022
Council Chambers
Date: Thursday, September 15, 2022
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Place: Council Chambers, Lake View Town Hall, 205 N. Main Street, Lake View, SC
Presiding: Dennis Townsend, Mayor
Present at Chambers: Councilmembers Mertis Barnett, Mitsey Church, David Johnson, and David Kitchens
Also Present: Wanda Elvington, Alison McDowell, Scott McDaniel, Anthony Moore, Eula Page, Sara Elvington, and Karen Cook-Henderson
• Mayor Dennis Townsend welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with prayer.
• Mayor Dennis Townsend motioned to approve the corrected minutes from the August 18, 2022, meeting with Councilmember Mitsey Church making the second. All were in favor.
• Ms. Wanda Elvington advised the Council that the film detailing the evolution of electropollution, Generation Zapped, will be shown at the Lake View Library at a future date. She will donate the cost of the movie license. Mayor Townsend confirmed that the concerns raised about electropollution and cell tower location would be reviewed during the next revision of the ordinances.
• Council approved the application for the T-Mobile Hometown Grant to be submitted by the Lake View Revitalization Committee led by Brittany Melvin.
• The Strategic Master Plan Advisory Committee will host a Veteran’s Day Breakfast on Saturday, November 12, 2022, at the Lake View Community Center at 9:00 a.m. The event will be a way to celebrate Lake View area veterans and engage them in future activities. The Veteran’s Park dedication will be held at 11:00 a.m. after breakfast.
• Councilmember Mertis Barnett reported that the Events Committee had a successful first Food Truck Rodeo. The committee will prepare a statement of revenue and expenses for next month and include a report on the shirt sales. T-shirts are for sale at the Lake View Library. The Harvest Festival will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2022, at Page’s Mill Pond. Councilmember David Johnson motioned to approve the proposed budget for Trunk or Treat on October 29, 2022, from 4:00 – 6:00 at the Lake View Community Center and Mitsey Church seconded. All were in favor. The Council reminded the Event Committee to submit requests for payment and revenues collected to Town Hall.
• Mayor Dennis Townsend reviewed the financial statements with Karen Cook-Henderson detailing specific line item overages or shortfalls.
• Mayor Townsend advised the Council that the Boost Marketing Program received only one qualified application and one late application. Mr. Johnnie Daniels at the Dillon Herald will review the applications. It was agreed to extend the deadline to give him time to complete the review and discuss the program with other businesses.
• Mayor Townsend asked the Council to prepare suggestions for using the former First Citizens building for the October meeting. Councilmembers will tour the building before the next meeting to aid in the planning. The Council will determine a date to hold the ceremony to thank First Citizens for the donation publicly.
• Allison McDowell and Scott McDaniel from SafeBuilt presented their Code Enforcement services to the Council for consideration of a contract. Safebuilt would address the nuisance properties in Town and provide the leadership to move the properties from complaint to resolution. Council will discuss the proposal in October.
• Mayor Townsend presented a request from Dillon County Fire Station #3 to support the planned Kid’s Day on 10/1/2022. In addition, Mayor Townsend advised the Council that a discussion was in progress with Chief Smith and the SC Firefighters Association to transfer the remaining 1% money to Dillon County Station #3. These funds have been held by the Town since the dissolution of the Lake View Volunteer Fire Department in 2019 and can only be spent by the fire department serving the Town of Lake View in accordance with SCFA guidelines.
• Mayor Dennis Townsend motioned to appoint Councilmember David Kitchens as the Hearing Officer for the Setoff Debt program. Councilmember Mitsey Church seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. The Hearing Officer will hear contested cases in the debt collection process.
• Mayor Dennis Townsend motioned for approval of the second reading of Ordinance 2022-05 – Ordinance amending the Official Zoning Map by rezoning 108 S. Main Street from Office Commercial to General Commercial. All in favor.
• Mayor Townsend resumed the conversation about third parties’ policy for using Town properties, including the Community Center, Recreation Fields, and Centennial Park (walking track and splash pad). Councilmember David Kitchens will complete a study of how other communities allow the use of their properties, including rental fees, limits on use, and agreements for usage. There was consensus that using Town property by businesses is concerning and that each property requires unique rules.
• Councilmember Mertis Barnett motioned to enter into an Executive Session for the purpose of negotiations incident to proposed contractual arrangements, with Councilmember David Kitchens seconding. After the Executive Session, Councilmember Mertis Barnett motioned to exit Executive Session, with Councilmember David Kitchens supporting the motion with all in favor. In Executive Session, the Council approved proceeding with Project Rubber Ducky and invited Mr. Mike Hanna to present at the October meeting on plans for developing Page’s Mill Pond and for utilizing a grant to purchase a police car, mower, three-wheel ATV and maybe other items. The grant is 75/25 that ARPA funds could be used for the match.

Mayor’s Report
• There were several trees removed around the Mill House and Spillway that were threatening the building.
• Centennial Park and the Recreation Fields were treated for fire ants.
• Dillon County will smooth out the loop at Page’s Mill Pond in preparation for the Harvest Festival.
• The work at the intersection of S. Ford Street and E. 4th Avenue continues.
• The request to clean out the trees in and around school property at E. 3rd Avenue and N. Main Street was declined because the continual maintenance of the area and the change in scenery may not necessarily improve the view. There were several shrubs and bushes that would continue to grow back and require cutting again, plus several big trees would still block any view of the schoolhouse. The request had been made to the school to clean the property. The Mayor had told the school not to proceed at this time. Councilmember David Johnson objected to the decision as it was his opinion that it would improve the property’s appearance.
• Mayor Dennis Townsend will submit his resignation to the Council on 9/28/2022 in advance of being sworn in as the Representative of District #2 to the Dillon County Council. The special election will be held on 1/3/2022, with the filing period opening on 10/17/2022.

Council Report
• Councilmember Mertis Barnett is accepting referrals to the Palmetto Cares Connection project. This project teaches basic computer skills and provides participants with a Chromebook.
• Councilmember Mitsey Church asked that additional benches be purchased for the splash pad area whenever possible.
• Councilmember David Johnson presented the proposal to have the Christmas on the Boulevard Car Show organized and run by an area car club for a nominal fee. All were in favor.
• Councilmember Mertis Barnett requested approval from the Council to hire additional officers for the Harvest Festival. The majority of the Council was in favor. The Council reminded Councilmember Barnett that the Event Committee needs to be self-sufficient by planning events annually and submitting a budget request as part of the budget process.
With no further business, Councilmember David Johnson motioned to adjourn with Councilmember David Kitchens seconding. There was no discussion, and all were in favor and the meeting was adjourned.

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