Coker Grant To Benefit Dillon Students

Coker University has recently been awarded a TRIO Upward Bound (UB) grant for the 22/23 academic year, and will be supported for up to five years. UB will serve 60 students at four local high schools: Darlington, Dillon, Hartsville, and Marion. The Upward Bound program is one of eight Federal Trio Programs (TRIO) designed to identify and provide services to students with the goal of increasing the rate at which participants complete high school and enroll in and graduate from college. Coker University also has a funded TRIO Student Support Services grant, which provides academic support to 140 Coker students. Those who complete the UB program will be granted automatic admission to Coker University. Coker University’s ambitious program provides a comprehensive approach to supporting students during a time of increased trauma following COVID and civil uncertainty. Coker will provide academic, social, emotional, and career support including: weekly tutoring, academic advising, assistance with college admissions requirements, ACT/SAT preparation, and career development events and resources.
Included is a six week summer program where students will not only receive academic instruction but also participate in a signature experience with Cypress Adventures (CA), a local community organization that offers leadership training to middle and high school students. CA has developed a special leadership program for UB students that is evidence based and grounded in trauma-informed practices. This week-long learning experience prepares students for a productive five weeks of more traditional academic pursuits in the UB summer program and provides students with invaluable life lessons that will follow them through high school and beyond. Students can expect this program to begin in the next academic year. “We are excited to have received a competitive TRIO Upward Bound grant that will allow us to increase programming that supports high school academic performance, retention, and graduation as well as college enrollment and completion,” shared Dr. Susan Henderson, Provost, “and we look forward to our collaboration with Darlington, Dillon, Hartsville, and Marion High Schools.”

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