Gordon High School Class Of 1958 Makes Donation To Ruby Woods Carter Scholarship Fund

The Gordon High School Class of 1958 gave a monetary contribution to the Ruby Woods Scholarship Fund.
Ruby Woods Carter Scholarship was established in 2005 by two of her former students, Dr. Carnell Cooper and Dr. Kenneth Manning, as a living legacy to Mrs. Carter who was instrumental in their lives. Mrs. Carter was an educator in Dillon School District Two for forty years.

The scholarship fund honors Mrs. Carter and touches generations of future students. It is awarded annually to a deserving Dillon High School student who enrolls in a two-year technical school or a four-year college.
Mrs. Carter began her career in education as an elementary teacher.
Later, she transitioned to the high school where she taught Psychology, coached the high school girls’ basketball team and became a counselor. When she retired, she was a junior high school counselor.
Her dedication to education and values has impacted generations of students who remember her fondly.
Here is a poem written by Paul Manning about her:

Mrs. Ruby Woods Carter
By Paul Manning Jr., Class of 1958
Let me say this before I get started, you can search this whole world over you’ll never find a sweeter person than Mrs. Ruby Carter.
When she lays down, she’s the length of rivers and when she stands up, she is the height of mountains. Her wisdom and knowledge is like water flowing from an everlasting fountain. She treats you like you were her own son or daughter. She makes sure you understand where she is coming from before you go any further.
Her advice especially to the young will always gleam through the night and when the sun brings in the morning light, you’ll know without a doubt Mrs. Ruby Carter was right.
If you’re ever in Dillon, whether you are visiting or here to stay, it will do you a world of good to stop by and check out Mrs. Ruby Woods Carter Way. On your stay with us, you did your thing. Love and happiness you did bring. May your journey through eternity be peaceful and sweet. May you always possess the wisdom and understanding as the Queen you are forever Mrs. Ruby Woods Carter.

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