Dillon County Christian Ministers Alliance: May Minutes

Thursday, May 13, 2021
ZOOM meeting: In attendance were James Orr, Henry Altman, H.B. Drake, Charles Wilkerson, Leo Chapman, Jamie Arnette, Michael Battle.
Prayer – Jamie Arnette
President Henry Altman opened the meeting with a report on the National Day of Prayer. A total of twenty ministers were present, with about eighty-five total in attendance.
Financial report was given by James Orr.
As established in January, dues are $60 annually for ministers and $30 for associate ministers. Dues can be sent to: DCCMA, 2842 Railview Road, Fork, SC 29543. Make checks to DCCMA.
It was agreed by quorum of those in attendance that $200 will be sent to support the ongoing Reaching Out for Jesus ministry. The following dates are upcoming events:
May 22: Newtown Park
June 26: Riverdale
July 24: Lake View/ Hilltop Park
August 26: Little Rock Park
A discussion was held concerning a Community Church Fellowship and Outreach. H.B. Drake stated that the pastors are starting to get to know each other and that we need to continue to grow in fellowship. From there, we can help our congregations know each other better.
He also suggested that we use the Day of Prayer agenda as a template for the format of the event. Various locations were discussed before it was decided that Harmon Park on 8th Avenue in Dillon would be the best location. Saturday, Sept 25, 2021 was determined to be the best date. The time has not been fixed yet.
Jamie Arnette suggested that we have activities in the beginning that would allow for interaction between both the churches and any passersby. Michael Battle suggested that we call the event, “Reaching Out for Jesus in the Park.” This is the working title at this time. We will discuss this again in the next meeting.
It seems that the best way to get information to the pastors is still by text or e-mail. It was suggested that we ask the newspaper to also put meeting information out to the public.
Prayer and adjournment was by Leo Chapman, Jr.
These minutes are respectfully submitted for your approval by James Orr, secretary/treasurer, DCCMA.

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