Editorial: An Unsung Group

There is an unsung group in Dillon County, who most may not know by name, that is working hard to improve the quality of life and the quality of health in Dillon County.
RALI’s Dillon County Health Initiative (DCHI) is a group that has built itself from the ground up with the mission of creating a healthier culture in Dillon County.
In a short time, they have instituted the local pop-up farmer’s market which takes place on a monthly basis from May through October. The months are themed and fresh vegetables, meats, and other goods are available for purchase each month. There is usually a food vendor and some type of entertainment.
Another thing they do is provide free plants in the spring and fall for residents who sign up for the program. They even involve the schools in this effort to help learning about good health and good habits start at an early age.
They recently released a video series called “Eating Healthy On A Budget” to give tips for all individuals on healthy eating.
This is a group that is doing a great deal with little recognition. We applaud them for their efforts.

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