Senator Williams Speaks About Jobs

By Senator Kent Williams
Jobs in South Carolina go unfilled since many of our citizens who are applying for these jobs lack the skills needed. Some of the most complained about by potential employers are categorized as soft skills. For South Carolina’s workforce you can not just be highly trained in technical skills or education. While, having technical skills helps to get a job, soft skills help you to maintain a job or get raises or higher positions within a company. In other words, soft skills are often directly related to the success you will have at work.
Soft skills include a person’s work ethic, dependability, positive attitude, communication skills, time management, social skills, and quality of work.  The problem is that many employers expect people to know and understand the importance of being on time, taking initiative, being friendly, and producing high quality work. However, many job seekers have not learned crucial soft skills.
You can develop these skill by making a list of what you want to work on. Classes, volunteering and even your daily chores at home can help fine tune employability skills. Simple things like taking a public speaking course or volunteering to help with your church’s newsletter can help to improve your communication skills. Scheduling bills, planning the family calendar and developing a budget can help to improve your organization techniques and sharpen your ability to multi-task. You can also find a mentor who exhibits the skill you want to improve. Perhaps your pastor, teacher, or cousin is the best at a skill that you are looking to improve. Get guidance from them about how they developed their skills.
SC Works is an excellent resource. They provide free workshops throughout the state. Topics vary by region and include everything from resume writing to interview and soft skills training. Find a workshop by going to

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