The New Trade Promotion Authority

To The Editor:
I am writing to give my opinion on the new Trade Promotion Authority (TPA).  I am a farmer in the Seventh Congressional District, and I appreciate Congressman Rice, Senator Scott, and Senator Graham for supporting this legislation.
TPA is important to farmers for many reasons.  In 2013, $913,000 worth of agricultural  commodities were exported from our state.  
The TPA will facilitate international trade agreements, expediting and simplifying the trade process. TPA operates so that Congress has to approve the proposed agreement by the president with an up-or-down vote with no amendments added.  This means that the trade agreement in question isn’t solely decided on by the President, yet it does not get caught up in the theater of congressional politics.
TPA legislation has been the routine since 1974, expiring in 2007. Since 2007, we have been at a disadvantage in our trade negotiations as a nation due to our lack of a TPA.  Since then, our nation’s leaders have been attempting to initiate a new TPA to boost our international trading power.  
As a farmer, I am grateful to my Senators and Representative that supported TPA.
Keith Allen
1131 Highway 917 East
Latta, S.C. 29565

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