Sing Along

Perhaps everyone likes to sing but in a public venue?  Maybe singing in the shower or  while driving alone or even singing as one of a large group knowing that your voice will be lost in the midst  might bring out your latent vocal talent  but singing a solo, forget it! Yet I know of instances when all these excuses/fears are cast aside and surprising results come forth from the most unlikely performers.
I play the piano for a church group of mostly ‘untrained’ singers who volunteer weekly to visit nursing homes to have a devotional reading and  to sing some of the old familiar hymns to those who are now mostly listeners but not everyone.  And some are ‘singers’ who sing without using words.
In the group, mostly seniors there are some who are not afraid to give singing a try even if the delivery style is not exactly professional.  I like a saying that fits here: Not to try is to fail.
And yes, you do indeed have to have confidence in yourself when you are facing 50+ people in an audience that is not made up of your relatives or best friends albeit friendly and appreciative.
In the group there are individuals who have special needs but who despite having good excuses, gladly take the plunge and offer a rendition of song of long ago with a special emphasis, one totally unique to the performer.  
The young man who was asked several times to sing but refused finally relented and then offered a moving version of a hymn he had learned as a child much to the delight and surprise of his audience.  It was obvious that he was pleased with the reception to his message in song.
Now he performs regularly and willingly. And he has inspired others to follow his example.
Of course there are some who perform better than others by most standards but here is something to think about: while someone may sing ‘better’ than you sing, there is NO ONE who can sing better THAN YOU CAN  SING  LIKE YOU SING since everyone is different.
I mentioned earlier one person in the group “sings’ but without using words.  He usually is seated near the piano and when a familiar hymn is sung, he hums the melody of all the verses.
I assume he knows at least some of the words but he elects to perform differently.
One 94 year old usually opens the session with an old hymn, SHIP AHOY  (4 verses and chorus) that she memorized when she was in her teens and still enjoys sharing it with an audience.
There is a special joy in being with such a group where criticism is put aside and regardless of the merits of an individual performance, nothing but praise is offered.
Looking for an audience for one of your vocal selections, come over to Thorne in Lake View and join in sharing your talent.  Call for times
Humming is acceptable.
Bill Lee, PO Box 128, Hamer, SC 29547

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