My Computer Space

Just when you thought there was nothing to write about…
There are no two computer ‘spaces’ just alike. Sure most such spaces share some common features such as a computer of course and a monitor plus the necessary printer and along with all this, an army of wires that somehow connect to make the system work. It is a highly personal space for most people and the elements displayed prove the point. I venture to say that there is not another computer space in the ENTIRE WORLD that is exactly like mine or probably like yours either.
My computer ‘platform’ is spacious and it needs to be since it is the home for more than just computer related hardware. In a previous home, we had it as a dining table that was given a new purpose in life when we moved to another address. It is about 6 feet long and with both collapsible extensions up, perhaps 4 feet wide. These two panels that fold down allow almost enough space for my computer needs. No one ever has enough space.
I have a floor lamp that provides sufficient light but if needed, there is a light fixture in the ceiling of the room with 3 bulbs if darkness is a problem.
There is a standard office chair on rollers whose seating area is adjustable and padded for comfort. It rolls on a large plastic base that protects the oak floor when the chair is moved. The table’s surface is practical for cleaning since it has a laminate surface.
But the table is also the home for more than a desktop computer. There are items that have absolutely nothing to do with such an operation for instance, there is a single piece of bubble gum that was given to me by a resident at the
Pines years ago as a Christmas gift. I treasure it. Beside it and on the monitor base is a pocket magnifying glass, leather enclosed, that comes in handy often. A small battery driven clock also rests on the base and is held in place with a red Swiss Army knife, totally decorative. Rounding out the base enclosures is a large Clemson orange paper holder that fits on my fingers tips when I am at a loss for a word or thought. Like now.
I keep several books handy like a pocket dictionary although the computer takes case of most of my needs. I also have two hymnals and a Bible that I occasionally need and one absolutely essential reference, a book that I used in my eighth grade English class: Plain English Handbook (Walsh). Supporting this pile of books is a large yellow legal pad used for note taking at some meetings I attend.
In addition to the previously mentioned clock, I have a second one plus the clock on the computer. I am never at a loss for the time of the day. The same goes for my desk calendar, compliments of a local insurance company. It supplements the one on the computer.
Then there is the cordless telephone available when needed. Next to it and filled with odds and ends, is a stenciled coffee cup with the suggestion: Is today the day you go on a diet? The answer is no.
I have several items on the desk bought at a local auction house. Perhaps the most unusual is a near life-sized head of a man, glazed with a ceramic white surface that has labeled at its base: PHRENOLOGY by L.N. Fowler. On the scalp there are sections that are outlined and labeled that apparently are areas used by a phrenologist to practice his craft. I find it interesting but not from a scientific point of view.
Since the principal occupant of the table is a computer, there is the ubiquitous array of cables and junctions that in some mysterious way make the machine work.
Two speakers, one with a perpetual glowing light complete the puzzle.
Two figurines are always eye catching. The two purchased locally are cows but not your typical bovines. One is blue wearing a red hat and sporting red legs and the other is even more bizarre. She has large white spots over her body and around her neck is a ruffled collar. Her horns are striped and on her nose is a red ball. Too, there are matching ruffles around her legs whose feet are clad with laced up shoes. A sticker on her gives the theme: You can’t have a parade without a clown. Both animals are highly desired by collectors.
This only describes the top of the table. The labyrinth of wires underneath is best ignored however necessary.
Bill Lee, PO Box 128, Hamer, SC 29547

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