Letter To The Editor: It’s A Sad Situation

It’s a Sad Situation
To The Editor:
I thought of this saying today when I read the front page story in the August 4, 2011 edition of the HERALD. The saying was one that my late mother-in-law used to say when she read or heard about an event comparable to the reported story about the robbery of a local business that led to a shooting and subsequent arrests of 3 suspects.
It’s a sad situation: when the innocent clerk who was only serving the public was senselessly shot, nearly fatally, for what I suspect netted the robbers only a few dollars and the universal condemnation of any fair-minded observer. It is doubly sad for one person to be involved in such a stupid act and compounded even more when others were involved. A simple “no” from any of the trio perhaps would have negated such a violent act. Surely they knew better; there can be no logical reason for such an uncivilized act. There is only one victim in this story, and he is paying a price from a hospital bed.
It’s a sad situation: that the physical, emotional and psychological effects on the clerk can never be erased. For the rest of his life this moment of sheer terror will be replayed repeatedly. What punishment can possibly be exacted for such lingering pain? How can this be compensated?
It’s a sad situation: that the photograph of one of the accused shows shock and disbelief. I wonder what possible argument could have convinced this misguided one to fall for the so obviously wrong, quick-rich scheme. I wonder how much thought went into the decision to participate in this life-changing act.
It’s a sad situation: for the lives of three near-teen agers to face rightfully the consequences of their actions surely by sentences legally taking away their freedom for the best years of their lives for a needless act.
It’s a sad situation: that the many parties not directly associated with the event are forced to suffer through no fault of their own including the lives of family members and friends.
It’s a sad situation: that the criminal justice system has to devote massive resources to such an act when the time and money spent on the case could have been applied in more positive ways.
It’s a sad situation: that unfortunately a group of people may be unfairly stigmatized because of the actions of a few misguided members.
It’s a sad situation: that we will have to relive this act of horror for months if not years to come as the case makes its way through the courts.
Bill Lee
PO Box 128
Hamer, SC 29547

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