Letter To The Editor: Proactive Fire Department

To The Editor:
Today I witnessed a proactive fire department in action. A call went out for a structure fire. DCFD Station 9 was toned out to assist Latta FD( Station 2) with manpower and water. On our arrival the fire was out, the couch that had been burning had been moved to the outside and the home was being ventilated using positive pressure ventilation.
The mobile home was SAVED with very little damage being done.
The reason the fire was out was because of the techniques used by the Latta Fire Department, which consisted of the following basics: Turnout Gear was worn along with SCBA’s which allowed them to attack the fire on the inside of the home before it got really big. Oh, I may not have mentioned that they had a female firefighter running the truck.
I have been in the fire service for almost 28 years; this type of action makes me proud to be associated with the Latta Fire Department.
Good Job to the men and women of the Latta Fire Department.
On another note Station 9 Firefighter Alex Merritt avoided a wreck by driving defensively on the way to the same fire. As he approached a car from the rear the car slammed on brakes, stopping in the road. Firefighter Merritt applied his brakes and moved to the left avoiding the car that had stopped. Captain Billy Floyd with the Horry County Fire Department (who was following behind) attributed FF Merritt’s action to the Emergency Vehicle Driving Class that he took. I would like to thank FF Merritt for driving defensively and in the process taking care of himself and FF Thad Love that was in the truck with him.
Good Job and Stay Safe,
Larry Cox, Chief
DCFD Station 9

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