Former Marine Wins Inaugural Rifle & Gun Club Military Service Rifle Match

By Bill Aston

It has been said “Once a Marine, always a Marine,” and it has also been said that “Every Marine is a rifleman.”

On Sunday, May 22, 2011, “Devil-dog” Robbie Snipes proved that it also follows that “Once a rifleman, Always a rifleman!” Former “leatherneck” Snipes proved the syllogism true by winning Dillon County Rifle & Gun Club’s inaugural “Military Service Rifle Match” with a score of 228-1X out of a possible 250 points!

The match was a full day of shooting with 10 competitors shooting in two relays; five DCR&GC members, and five visitors. Full results of the match are shown in the table below.

Special thanks to Greg Carter for supplying carpet for use as shooting pads; Robbie Snipes for helping with the match and coaching less experienced shooters; Robert McIntyre for helping with the match and running Relay 2; Nigel Watt for bringing his golf cart for use to ferry shooters to and from the target area; and Mr. Tommy Squires for bringing, showing, and shooting an original M1 Carbine like the one that he used in Korea in the service of our country.

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