Mt. Calvary RA/GA Groups Walk For Missions

Recently, the RA (Royal Ambassadors) led by Marshall Hulon and GA (Girls in Action) led by Teri Hyler of Mount Calvary Baptist Church participated in their first Walk For Missions. These 1st through 6th grade children were part of a project to raise money for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. This offering is used to support North American Missions.
The children worked all month long to get pledges for the walk. The missions walk was held at the Dillon High School track at 10:00 am. The goal was for each child to complete 20 laps around the track which is equivalent to 5 miles.
Those who raised money and participated in the walk were as follows: RA’s- Nathan Hyler, Caleb Tanner, McKenzie Tanner and Jared Darmon
GA’s- Genesis Anderson, Lilly Hulon, Hannah Grace Hyler, Andi McDaniel, D’Anna Tanner and Lizzie Tanner.
The adults and other children who walked were: Marshall Hulon, Teri Hyler, Marcy Hulon, Leanna Hulon, Caroline McDaniel, Connie Anderson, Sheila Tanner and Kim Tanner. The children turned in their pledges on Wednesday, May 4th and present the money to the church on Mother’s day. The Mission Friends, ages 2 to 5 years old, led by Peggy Campbell and Edna Daniels will present money that they have been raising for missions all month long as well. The children in Mission Friends are: Anna Grant, Chloe Dudney, Leanna Hulon, Logan Grice, Cierra Grice, Chayse Walters, Nicholas Hooks, Ryan Carter and Kayden Johnson.

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