Letter To The Editor: Mothers

Dear Editor:
I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate mothers on this week after Mother’s Day 2011. In particular, I would like to give thanks for my mother, Sarah Lee, who has impacted my life in wonderful and life-changing ways.
Born in the coastal town of Conway, South Carolina, she and her parents were members of First Presbyterian Church there. When they moved to Dillon, after a brief stint at First Baptist of Dillon, we became Presbyterians and remained so.
She raised her four children, of whom I am the eldest, well, as she loved them and sought to pass on her faith. As a faithful wife and devoted mother, I will have to say that our faith took root because of her and the total family values shown by both Mom and Dad.
She was the librarian at Dunbar Memorial Library in town for many years, back in the days before e-mail, internet, and cell phones were even thought of. But somehow the word got around that folks were welcome, and thousands of people travelled all over time and space when they picked up their books.
Now retired and a member of First Presbyterian Church in Dillon, her strong faith in God comes out through teaching Sunday School, the Chrismon tree project, and many other ways. But the clearest place it is seen is in the ways she lives her life.
She prays daily for her family, community, and nation, and is convinced that God is in charge and fully able to save those for whom she prays. This strong faith is the best gift that people can pass on to their kids, and all four of us have it.
Of all the things that people can give their kids, this is the highest. Yes, education is important. Sports and dance skills can make us strong and balanced. Music is a major force in faith and the world, and we must learn how to appreciate it as well.
Being well fed, having a good home, and being loved are all important things mothers must pass on to their children. But without faith, the job is incomplete.
As a Presbyterian pastor of some thirty years now, I have seen children succeed and fail. But when they have a mother of faith who never gives up, is full of unconditional love, and are lifted up by the fervent prayers of a godly woman, there is no way they can fail.
So to all the mothers who have a ways to go in this important journey, have faith. Trust in God. Entrust your children to the highest power on earth or in heaven.
Know that Jesus is real, and walk with him so that your children can. The one permanent relationship, the one with Christ, will never fail you. And a faithful mother will always lift you up.
Blessings and encouragement to all the mothers out there. You are never alone. And God will always guide you.
Sincerely Yours,
Rev. Dr. C. Russell Lee, Jr.
Pastor, First Presbyterian Church
South Boston, Virginia

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