Dillon Resident Releases Album

Frederick “Rico” Duff/recording artist/screenwriter/inventor, former resident & birth-place Durham, North Carolina, has written and released his first hit album entitled “Touch U”.
Duff has sung lead and back-up and toured with some of the most famous R&B groups of all time such as The Main Ingredients, The Delphonics, The Dramatics, Blue Stream (lead, first tenor, choreographer), Age Spectrum (first group with a major record label – Atlantic Records), Golden Ares (semi-professional group). Duff formed his own solo band “Precision” in 1983 and was the lead vocalist for one year.
Duff is well known for his “raspy gospel and high tenor vocals”, touring and career with The Brooklyn All-Stars gospel group for 4 years.
Self taught the keyboards and bass guitar in 1984, Fred “Rico” Duff went on over the following years to have achieved writing over 300 songs and arranging over 230 songs.
Duff’s career, still blessed and blazing ahead, has spanned over 19 years in the music industry. “Thank God for all my contacts on this fantastic journey,” states Duff which has now spawned a new chapter with the release of his “crossover” CD album “Touch U”.
Some of the tracks on “Touch U” are now being considered on the soundtrack of a movie project currently being shot in the Raleigh, N.C. area.
A multi-talented artist and seasoned screenwriter, Duff has penned six movie scripts which are being reviewed by Film Producer Anthony “Andre Senoj” Jones of Wake Forest, North Carolina.

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