Olivia Harrell Public Speaking Contest Held At Stewart Heights Elementary

Third grade students at Stewart Heights Elementary School participated in the Olivia Harrell Public Speaking Contest on April 5. Jayne C. Lee, principal, introduced the program. She welcomed the third grade students, teachers, and family members of Olivia Harrell.
Ms. Harrell was the P.T.O. president at Stewart Heights during the 1999-2000 school year. She was killed in an automobile accident during that year. Everyone at the school was saddened by her death and this contest is held each spring in her memory.
Mrs. Lee discussed the importance of speaking clearly when addressing an audience, and she also discussed the audience’s role. Mrs. Lee introduced the judges for the program, Marian Josey, Dorothy Bethea, and Diane Finklea. Mrs. Lee reviewed the contest criteria and then introduced each participant.
Two students from each third classroom participated in the contest.
Each contestant presented a speech on a topic of his/her choice. After each student shared their speech, the judges retired to discuss the students’ speeches and family members of Ms. Harrell shared heartfelt memories. The judges returned and presented a list of winners to Mrs. Lee. Adia Horvath won first place. She received a plaque, game and a $25 P.T.O. check. Amesha McRae, sister of Ms. Harrell, also presented Adia with a $25 gift card.
Ashanti Alford won second place. She received a plaque, game, and a $15 P.T.O. check. TaRondi Bethea won third place. He received a plaque, game and a $10 P.T.O. check.
All three winners presented interesting speeches about what they wanted to be when they grew up. All ten participants received certificates and a Charlotte’s Web hardback chapter book.
After winners were announced and all participants thanked for their great speeches, Olivia Harrell’s family members, judges, and contest participants were treated to light refreshments and a time of fellowship.

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