Q&A On The Consolidation With Supt. Ray Rogers

The Dillon Herald submitted a list of questions to Dillon District Two Superintendent Ray Rogers based on questions we have received from the community about the administrative consolidation of Dillon Districts One (Lake View) and Two (Dillon). Below are the questions and the answers:

Q. What is the new district going to be named?
A. Dillon School District Four

Q. Why was this name chosen?
A. Next sequential number allotted by State Department of Education

Q. What is being consolidated?
A. The administration of Dillon School District One and Two have been consolidated effective July 1, 2011 for the purpose of continuing educational services within the Lake View community.

Q. Why is this consolidation taking place?
A. Dillon School District One requested consolidation to the Dillon County Board of Education due to financial conditions they were facing for the 2010-2011 school year and the 2011-2012 school year.

Q. Will Lake View have a staffed district office?

A. The district office will become a satellite office/multipurpose building for the Lake View area.

Q. Will Lake View continue to have a school board? If not, will Lake View have representation on a consolidated board? How many members will be from Dillon, and how many will be from Lake View?
A. I would ask you to refer to the consolidation order that was filed with the Clerk of Court on February 15th.
(Editor’s Note: The consolidation order states that the County Board of Education will appoint a seven member district board of trustees for District Four comprised of five members appointed from the former District Two board and two members from the former Dillon District One board.)

Q. Will school board meetings alternate between Dillon and Lake View? A. Dillon School District Four board will decide where board meetings will be held. The first meeting to discuss this will be held in the Superintendent’s Office in Dillon to begin the planning process.

Q. Will jobs be cut? If so, which ones, and what is the estimated amount of money that it will save?
A. We are waiting for the State Department of Education’s Budget Allocations. State allocations determine job availability within both districts.

Q. What are other ways that the consolidation will save money, and how much money will this save?
A. Planning is underway to determine if/how much money must be spent or be saved by streamlining school operations and eliminating duplication of services.
Students in Dillon County must be served, and the Dillon County Board of Education has taken a bold step in making sure all students in the Lake View community have the same educational opportunity as the students in the Latta community and Dillon community by placing them with Dillon School District Two, a financial stable School District, to begin streamlining services.
It’s a start and definitely one that will have a lot of transitional pains, but Dillon School District Two was willing to take the liability and growing pains to maintain and support the Lake View community by keeping their schools open.

Q. Is this the first step towards consolidating the actual schools?
A. Dillon County Board of Education will have to answer that question. Right now we are concerned with the financial well-being and sustainability for Dillon School District One. (Editor’s Note: County Board Chairman Richard Schafer has stated publicly at Dillon County Board of Education meetings that the Lake View Schools will remain intact and in place.)

Q. Can Lake View students now choose to go to Dillon schools or vice-versa?
A. We are maintaining our schools in each community to keep the transition of schools from one corner of the county to the other at a minimum. If a student lives in the Lake View community, then they will be directed to attend Lake View area schools. If a student lives in the Dillon community, they will be directed to attend in the Dillon area schools.

Q. What advantages do you think this consolidation will bring?
A. The consolidation will maintain the services that always been rendered to the students in the Lake View community. That is the sole purpose of consolidating two of the districts at this time.

Q. Is there anything else you want to add?
A. This consolidation can be accomplished only through hard work and dedication from faculty, staff and community members.
Taking a positive approach will ensure the kids will be the benefactor of the adults working together to maintain a quality education possible in both communities.

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