SCFC Asks Residents To Postpone Weekend Outdoor Burning

The South Carolina Forestry Commission is asking residents statewide to postpone outdoor burning for the next 72 hrs (the Presidents Day weekend). Predicted weather conditions of low relative humidity, no rain, and high winds will make debris burns hard to contain, increasing the chance for wildfire.  Statistically, more than 40 percent of all wildfires in South Carolina begin as escaped debris burns.  So far this month (Feb. 1 to Feb.17), SCFC personnel have responded to more than 226 fires across the state.

SCFC law enforcement officials have been instructed to aggressively enforce laws pertaining to outdoor burning.  Officers will write citations for failure to notify the Commission of your burn (as required by law) and will ticket anyone responsible for a burn which escapes.

While this weather message is aimed at the practice of debris burning, the public should remember that the same weather conditions can cause unattended campfires to become wildfires as well.  No fire of any kind should be left unattended.

To report a wildfire, call 911 or 1-800-777-FIRE (3473).

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