Dillon County’s First African-American Deputy Dies

Earlia Ray Vanderhall, the first African-American deputy to work for the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office, died Saturday, February 12, 2011 at McLeod Medical Center, Dillon.
Vanderhall was active in the Committee of Concerned Citizens and was a member of Hazy Grove Baptist Church.
In 2008, he was honored with a ceremony and picture hanging in the Dillon County Hall of History in recognition of being the first African-American deputy having been hired by Sheriff Roy Lee in 1967. Judge James Lockemy said at that ceremony that Vanderhall “was a man of respect…a man who got respect…and a man who deserved respect.” Andrew Graves, who served with Vanderhall, said at that ceremony that Vanderhall was “honest and fair to everyone.” Vanderhall was also called “a good Christian, a good church leader, a good father figure, and a trailblazer.”
Bartell Funeral Home, LLC of Dillon is in charge of Vanderhall’s funeral arrangements, which as of this posting had not yet been announced. The family is receiving friends at 622 Freddie Loop Rd., Dillon.

To see the story about the 2008 ceremony in Vanderhall’s honor, visit the link below:

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