Letter To The Editor: Nothing Means As Much As The Savior

To The Editor:
All of the decorations that we put up don’t mean as much to me as Jesus my Savior and Lord.  He is the only decoration that I really love.  He decorates my heart with love for everyone and with grace and with peace and joy.  Christmas is a wonderful time of the year.  It is a reminder that Christ was born to save us from all of our sin.  Most people show more love for everyone at Christmastime than anytime of the year and that is wonderful, but it should last the whole year through.  Not buying presents, but just showing love for everyone.  I think the world would be better if everyone loved all people at Christmastime and all of the time.  Think about it, if Jesus did not show his love for us all of the time and showed it only at Christmas, but he is not like that.  He loves us all the time no matter we do or don’t do.  He loves us always and is with us always and that is wonderful.  I don’t know what I would do if He left me alone and didn’t
love me and take care of me.  I depend on Him more than anyone or anything else.  He is my friend and my loving Savior that is always with me no matter where I am.  He is there watching over me and that is most wonderful.  I will never leave Him and He will never leave me alone.  I love Jesus more than anything or anyone.  I thank Him for everything that I have in my life, my health, my strength and that I am saved.
Vera Rowell
Dillon, SC

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